Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, where were we?

I believe it's Day 4 of the Fat Diaries. I don't like to think of myself as fat. Does it make sense I prefer the term chunky? Probably not. I have, however, decided to damn it all and show my ankles this summer! WHAT? Joking aside, I bought a pair of capri pants and am wearing them in public. I am going outside where the weather is very hot (geez, it's already in the high 90's f***!) and sporting some short pants. That's right, And I got a deal on them. Totally beside the point, but I am comfortable and I'm sure people are not pointing at me and laughing, ha ha ha, she's wearing capris, lol. Yeah, no. It's just my imagination. Something I've learned to be true. People don't really give a flying f*** what you wear. To prove a point, I once wore the same outfit to work all 5 days and no one said a word to me. Like maybe the poor girl can't afford a new blouse, or gee, those pants sure look familiar. Not a thing. I even had to point it out to a co-worker. She just nodded, and moved her chair away from me ever so slightly. ..
So what I have learned from this diet experiment is this: nobody cares what you look like, what you wear, how you wear it... I think cleanliness is important (did I mention that I washed those clothes every day before I wore them for the entire week?) I think that if you carry yourself well, and treat yourself with respect that you will receive the same back. I have learned not to focus all the negative energy on myself! Wait for it, I have learned to like myself. And to like myself in those damn capris. And hold my head high. And not worry so much about what I think someone might be saying. And who cares if someone does think or say something, isn't that just a reflection of that person?
I'm going all Shallow Hal on myself and seeing the good in people. And hopefully, I'll be able to see the good in myself, too!
Say good night Gracie,
Good night, Gracie.

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