Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 3 The Fat (not Rum) Diaries

Is there already a Fat Diary somewhere in blogland? I guess since the Rum Diaries is already taken I'm sticking with fat, er, the fat is sticking with me, uh, to me. In any case, here I am again (distracted to day the least because the Giants, or rather, Brandon Crawford just hit a 3-run home run and there is only one out in the inning) to talk about today's events, or food - falls. Well, I ate fruit! Seriously. The strawberries were a little sour but the kiwi was absolutely delicious. And then I found the leftover Easter candy.
My Giants tied the game in the 6th. All the more reason to talk about their dietary peculiararities. Tim Lincecum had to gain weight for this season. He is comfortable at 170 lbs. on a 5'11" frame. He gained his weight in a healthy manner, along with weight training, so he didn't follow the In-N-Out burger routine from a year a go. Good for him. Hunter Pence is now Paleo and love to eat and talk about his new favorite food-kale. I have tried baked kale chips, garlic seasoned. Not my favorite. I tried the Paleo diet, and while not adverse to it, I just don't like that much meat to sustain a full diet. This diet seems to work well for him. he looks good, lots of energy. He even seemed to have lost weight without looking too thin. Brandon Belt loves junk food and the Olive Garden. I have never eaten there myself, but Brandon loves it and was even a special guest of theirs early this week. Something about their house dressing...
I'm going to finish watching the Giants/Rockies game, maybe grab a bowl of cereal, and enjoy the rest of the eveing.
See you all later.

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