Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, where were we?

I believe it's Day 4 of the Fat Diaries. I don't like to think of myself as fat. Does it make sense I prefer the term chunky? Probably not. I have, however, decided to damn it all and show my ankles this summer! WHAT? Joking aside, I bought a pair of capri pants and am wearing them in public. I am going outside where the weather is very hot (geez, it's already in the high 90's f***!) and sporting some short pants. That's right, And I got a deal on them. Totally beside the point, but I am comfortable and I'm sure people are not pointing at me and laughing, ha ha ha, she's wearing capris, lol. Yeah, no. It's just my imagination. Something I've learned to be true. People don't really give a flying f*** what you wear. To prove a point, I once wore the same outfit to work all 5 days and no one said a word to me. Like maybe the poor girl can't afford a new blouse, or gee, those pants sure look familiar. Not a thing. I even had to point it out to a co-worker. She just nodded, and moved her chair away from me ever so slightly. ..
So what I have learned from this diet experiment is this: nobody cares what you look like, what you wear, how you wear it... I think cleanliness is important (did I mention that I washed those clothes every day before I wore them for the entire week?) I think that if you carry yourself well, and treat yourself with respect that you will receive the same back. I have learned not to focus all the negative energy on myself! Wait for it, I have learned to like myself. And to like myself in those damn capris. And hold my head high. And not worry so much about what I think someone might be saying. And who cares if someone does think or say something, isn't that just a reflection of that person?
I'm going all Shallow Hal on myself and seeing the good in people. And hopefully, I'll be able to see the good in myself, too!
Say good night Gracie,
Good night, Gracie.

"I keep on telling you to keep on keepin' on, I keep on telling you to work it on out..."

A song from Shawn Phillips, and fitting for the Giants. A sweep from the Padres? Yikes, but tomorrow is another day, the beginning of another series. They travel to my home state of Arizona to play the Dbacks for another three. I am not worried even though it looks the pitching is a bit sketchy. And they will be facing ex-Giant Cody Ross, who has been playing very well lately. (You might remember my mention of him in another post!) Play well, guys. I know you will. In series like these, you have to celebrate the individual wins. Like Tim Lincecum pitching an outstanding game, giving up two runs, 6 hits and 9 K's. He pitched 7 innings-outstanding innings (did I say that already?) and absolutely no run support. Reminiscent of 2011, eh? Brandon Crawford put in another great series, defensively as well as offensively. Belt got some great hits, Pablo fabuloso! So I am not worried about them at all. It's hot here this week. They like the heat. So I'll be watching, will you?
On another note, I swap on SwapBot. The next swap I am in is an ATC baseball swap. There were so many vairations I could go with (have I mentioned I like baseball, hmmm?) but I am going vintage. It seems that I really enjoy the vintage aspect of baseball (as well as any baseball, are you kidding?). Some of these images are fantastic:
The guy in the top row looks a bit like Brandon Crawford with those sideburns:

The thing about baseball is that there are so many personalities sitting on that bench, and when they all come together, it makes a winning team. (Dare I say twice in 3 seasons for the Giants?)

And baseball card are another thing that has evolved and changed throughout the years. There is still something so nostalgic in the vintage cards, and I'm not talking money. It could be the memory of collecting cards myself, or looking at my older brother's collection. Maybe it was the crap gum we got with each pack that made the cards smell so sugary that the scent was so strong every time you opened the box the cards were kept in.  Ah, memories...
Anyway, I will be making a vintage baseball ATC, that I hope to show on these pages soon. (I always forget to take pictures before sending, always...) I might even make one to keep for myself. You know, for memories sake.
That's all for tonite. See you at the game!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just when things were going so well...

We have a problem, my husband and I. The problem is baseball. While we both love it, well, he loves the Yankees and I the SF Giants, I am more open, say, to baseball as a whole. I love the game. There I said it.  Our problem started with this latest series between the Diamondbacks and the Yankees in NY. I am not, repeat not, a DBacks fan-never will be. However, there is a certain player who I am, say, enamored with, ahem, Cody Ross. It seems Cody played excellently this series and I can vouch for this because I watched the entire series on TV. This infatuation I have with him  may have something to do with the fact that Cody used to be a Giant. Enough said. He got picked up by other teams I don't really care about, although I did follow his career with every team. OK stalker quality? Not yet!
Here's what happened during the series. Cody started hitting. Easy. Then he caught everything that came to him, around him, in the vicinity of and basically pissed off my husband and his beloved Yankees. To say by the end of the series (tonite, thank God, there is mercy) Cody had a new middle name! And it's not Joseph.
Easy, easy, I said to my husband. Let's not be rash (like I really talk like that, ha!). He, of course, said right back, don't tell me what to do (google translate into man language).
Well, the Dbacks are on their way to Colorado (get ready to freeze boys. Like it wasn't 28 degrees in NY tonite, snort). The Yankees head for Toronto. Yikes, talk about cold.  My Giants are home, thankfully, Milwaukee was a miserable series.
My son posed a very serious question to me during our yelling and screaming  family time. He said, "What happens when the Giants play the Dbacks and Cody Ross faces Tim Lincecum. Who do you cheer for?" Like any politician, I smiled, and said, (Seriously, I was saying to myself, who asks those kinds of questions to their MOM? He knows how I feel about both subjects of that sentence. How can he even ask me to pledge loyalty to one over the other? Has he lost his mind??) "Dude, I would just hope that each player does their best."
And walked away. Like all Mom's should...

Postscript: I need to write about Francisco Cervelli of the Yankees. He is definitely someone that baseball fans need to watch. So I will put in my two cents worth next time.

Night y'all. Happy baseball dreams!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Laying It Down

It's no secret I am a baseball fan and would rather watch baseball every minute of the day than do anything else. With a few exceptions, of course. Now, baseball in the springtime can be a bit chilly, as the SF Giants learned today while playing in Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town. Take a peek at these shots:
That's Pablo Sandoval and Nick Noonan trying to keep warm at the park. Since I'm not in Chicago, and it's been  a little chilly where I live  these past few days, what better way to watch a game than to curl up with one of these lovely blankets made by Shari @ Kashmere Kisses

Wouldn't that be lovely to hold on your lap with a nice warm cuppa tea while cheering on your favorite team?
Her entire blog is just filled with the most exquisite handmade items, and if you are partial to bunnies, you have to take a look at these. Don't you just want to squee everytime you look at one?

Shari's blog Kashmere Kisses is one of my favorites and I urge you to take a look at it right now. Go ahead.  I know you won't hesitate signing up and following this blog.
Psst, sign up now! She's giving away the bunny above and the lovely pin cushions too! How could you not want to win this? Go to her blog, follow her, leave a comment, and have a chance to win. Who doesn't like to win beautiful things?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 3 The Fat (not Rum) Diaries

Is there already a Fat Diary somewhere in blogland? I guess since the Rum Diaries is already taken I'm sticking with fat, er, the fat is sticking with me, uh, to me. In any case, here I am again (distracted to day the least because the Giants, or rather, Brandon Crawford just hit a 3-run home run and there is only one out in the inning) to talk about today's events, or food - falls. Well, I ate fruit! Seriously. The strawberries were a little sour but the kiwi was absolutely delicious. And then I found the leftover Easter candy.
My Giants tied the game in the 6th. All the more reason to talk about their dietary peculiararities. Tim Lincecum had to gain weight for this season. He is comfortable at 170 lbs. on a 5'11" frame. He gained his weight in a healthy manner, along with weight training, so he didn't follow the In-N-Out burger routine from a year a go. Good for him. Hunter Pence is now Paleo and love to eat and talk about his new favorite food-kale. I have tried baked kale chips, garlic seasoned. Not my favorite. I tried the Paleo diet, and while not adverse to it, I just don't like that much meat to sustain a full diet. This diet seems to work well for him. he looks good, lots of energy. He even seemed to have lost weight without looking too thin. Brandon Belt loves junk food and the Olive Garden. I have never eaten there myself, but Brandon loves it and was even a special guest of theirs early this week. Something about their house dressing...
I'm going to finish watching the Giants/Rockies game, maybe grab a bowl of cereal, and enjoy the rest of the eveing.
See you all later.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 2 On Being Fat

OK so I plagiarized Stephen King's title of his fabulous book On Writing. It's his own fault, if it weren't such a great book I wouldn't have to steal things from it!
Day 2 and the food issues continue. I had my tea in the morning and was good until I got to the training room at work and there was a bucket of Nancy's cookies. Now this woman, out of the kindness of her heart, makes cookies every Monday so that we may indulge our sweet tooth. Absolutely fabulous, every stinkin' one. As I spied those cookies this morning I was so tempted to open the lid and just graze right from the bowl, I was, after all, the only one in the room. However, I did not. I went back to my desk and drank my mango ice tea. For lunch I had pasta salad and half a bagel with cream cheese. (Remember the story about me not liking bread? Bagels don't count!) AH, I did stop for a soda at lunch (I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and was parched, for cying out loud). On the way home from work, I ate the fruit I brought. The strawberries were so-so but the kiwi fanatstic.
Now, dinner is always a stretch, and since I brought my son shopping after work, it was a scrounging act when we got home. The lesson here: PLAN AHEAD YOU MORON. Because I didn't, I ate (and this was just while I was looking for something to eat) half a Hershey bar, 3 almond cookies, lemonade. Then I found the leftover chicken and made some pasta to go with it. Yeah, pretty crappy eating day.
The good side is, tomorrow I can start again. The bad side, my stomach is growling and I hear the sounds of a box of raisin bran pouring into a bowl. All I can say is there better be some milk left!

Good bye lovelies-see you all tomorrow.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hi, Still Fat!

It is almost summer here (temperature in the 90's) and I'm still fat. The great plans for weight loss last year fell through like a Krispy Kreme donut (you know, greasy, leaden, heavy in your stomach). At least I can say that I truly do NOT like Krispy Kreme and that the last shop actually went out of business. So no tempting smells caused by a drive by, which of course, would trigger an amazing amount of eating. And speaking of eating, have I mentioned that I do not like food all that well? Surprising, considering the amount of weight I need to lose. (Did I mention my constant thyroid monitoring, the fatigue and depression symptoms that never go away...) I decided to do a wrap up of what I actually eat in the course of a day to see where the culprit is.
Morning: no breakfast-makes my stomach upset all day. so just tea (milk and sugar included, or if you just get down to it this:
International Delight Presents: French Vanillathe best thing since sliced bread (and when I say sliced bread I'm kidding. I don't like bread and it's a good thing since I recently read that hypothyroid people-me-are most likely prone to celiac and other celiac related problems. Now ID makes a gluten free French Vanilla. Let's sing it-Heaven, I'm in heaven....

And I don't know if International Delight knows it or not, but pairing this French Vanilla with
makes the most amazing drink on the face of the earth. Please don't tell me that this tea is available year round, because I would be like Jobba the Hut with a travel mug, drinking this all day in obesity induced coma. Not to say that this stuff makes me fat, not at all! It's everything else I eat during the day that does that.
So let's get on with the rest of the day.
Mid Morning: soda (sometimes diet, hey, I'm not a total heathen!)
Nacho Doritos (hey they're gluten free)
Lunch (late afternoon): Soda, of course, sometimes I kid myself and have an ice tea, but after I've redeemed myself, I always go back to soda. Hamburger, maybe, pizza most likely.
Then from all the salt consumption I crave sugar like crazy, like an entire red licorice barrel, by myself.
Dinner: Ugh, I hate, but I make. Sometimes I can do a little damage on the plate and swirl it around to look like I ate (eating disorder? I've got you covered!)
Then late at night when hubby's asleep I sneak into the kitchen for my nightly bowl of cereal. Ah, it's nirvana. Cereal and late night TV in bed, all while hubby's asleep.
I'm sure there's something to read into this, but I have always loved cereal at night, mostly because milk in the am makes me barf. Nice image, huh?

What brought all this on was this lovely little Tumblr blog called Lobley Cottage. There are some truly lovely images, but also realistic ones-and encouraging ones. Not like the beat you over the head for not working out in a gym pages, or the if you're not doing yoga like this
then there is something wrong with you (even though I did take this from her blog!) Instead of looking through the window wishing I had a beach body (in the middle of the desert. Hey, some things can't be helped)
Instead of wishing and hoping (gee I hope this weight falls off while I'm sleeping tonite) I am going to move, change, do something different. And basically, not be afraid. Because what I'm really scared of, ready for it? is to SUCCEED!
What if I do lose the weight? What kind of person will I become? And do I deserve to lose weight, to be nice to myself?
I leave you with those words, my friends. I will dream of them tonight and see what my brain comes up with in the morning.
Love to all,