Sunday, April 28, 2013

"I keep on telling you to keep on keepin' on, I keep on telling you to work it on out..."

A song from Shawn Phillips, and fitting for the Giants. A sweep from the Padres? Yikes, but tomorrow is another day, the beginning of another series. They travel to my home state of Arizona to play the Dbacks for another three. I am not worried even though it looks the pitching is a bit sketchy. And they will be facing ex-Giant Cody Ross, who has been playing very well lately. (You might remember my mention of him in another post!) Play well, guys. I know you will. In series like these, you have to celebrate the individual wins. Like Tim Lincecum pitching an outstanding game, giving up two runs, 6 hits and 9 K's. He pitched 7 innings-outstanding innings (did I say that already?) and absolutely no run support. Reminiscent of 2011, eh? Brandon Crawford put in another great series, defensively as well as offensively. Belt got some great hits, Pablo fabuloso! So I am not worried about them at all. It's hot here this week. They like the heat. So I'll be watching, will you?
On another note, I swap on SwapBot. The next swap I am in is an ATC baseball swap. There were so many vairations I could go with (have I mentioned I like baseball, hmmm?) but I am going vintage. It seems that I really enjoy the vintage aspect of baseball (as well as any baseball, are you kidding?). Some of these images are fantastic:
The guy in the top row looks a bit like Brandon Crawford with those sideburns:

The thing about baseball is that there are so many personalities sitting on that bench, and when they all come together, it makes a winning team. (Dare I say twice in 3 seasons for the Giants?)

And baseball card are another thing that has evolved and changed throughout the years. There is still something so nostalgic in the vintage cards, and I'm not talking money. It could be the memory of collecting cards myself, or looking at my older brother's collection. Maybe it was the crap gum we got with each pack that made the cards smell so sugary that the scent was so strong every time you opened the box the cards were kept in.  Ah, memories...
Anyway, I will be making a vintage baseball ATC, that I hope to show on these pages soon. (I always forget to take pictures before sending, always...) I might even make one to keep for myself. You know, for memories sake.
That's all for tonite. See you at the game!

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