Thursday, April 11, 2013

Laying It Down

It's no secret I am a baseball fan and would rather watch baseball every minute of the day than do anything else. With a few exceptions, of course. Now, baseball in the springtime can be a bit chilly, as the SF Giants learned today while playing in Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town. Take a peek at these shots:
That's Pablo Sandoval and Nick Noonan trying to keep warm at the park. Since I'm not in Chicago, and it's been  a little chilly where I live  these past few days, what better way to watch a game than to curl up with one of these lovely blankets made by Shari @ Kashmere Kisses

Wouldn't that be lovely to hold on your lap with a nice warm cuppa tea while cheering on your favorite team?
Her entire blog is just filled with the most exquisite handmade items, and if you are partial to bunnies, you have to take a look at these. Don't you just want to squee everytime you look at one?

Shari's blog Kashmere Kisses is one of my favorites and I urge you to take a look at it right now. Go ahead.  I know you won't hesitate signing up and following this blog.
Psst, sign up now! She's giving away the bunny above and the lovely pin cushions too! How could you not want to win this? Go to her blog, follow her, leave a comment, and have a chance to win. Who doesn't like to win beautiful things?

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