Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For the Kids

It started with a heart, cut from pegboard. Free! and then I added foam (FREE!) to the bottom and glued, added ribbon ($1.00) and printed out the Lollipop Lily's from Skip To My Lou and there you have it. A fabulous lollipop display for the Kid's Workshop. I will continue to replenish as the loolipops get taken, but so excited to share this. Saturday's the big day. Lots of fun!
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Monday, January 30, 2012

I Did It!

New background. !!! I don'tknow what I did, just playing around and this came up. Wow so much better than the other though. Ahhhhh. Pinterest, facebook, backgrounds, who knows what's next, O I got it. Typing with a cat on my shoulder. Ha

Month of Letters Challenge

Again, I followed directions and tried to change my background, but it never changes on the screen. I don't know what else to do but stick with this or just start all over.
Anyway, Feb 1 starts a Month of Letters Challenge and I am all for it! I will mail my first one Wednesday, maybe a postcard, although I have a ton of correspondence to catch up on. Write me back-we'll be pen pals, dude for sure!
A Month of Letters participant
Day 1- Belated BD card to brother
Day 2- Thank you note to friend
Day 3- card to sister (almost forgot to mail!)
Day 4- card to another sister
Day 5-note to pen pal
Day 6-letter to aunt
Day 7-card to friend
Day 8-get well card to niece
Day 9-card to sister
Day 10-card to other sister
Day 11- Valentine Swap
Day 12- letter to sister
Day 13-letter to sister
Day 14-card to sister in law
Day 15- postcard to cousin
Day 16-friend
Day 17-friend
Day 18-friend
Day 19-friend

Friday, January 27, 2012


My first day of Pinterest (as a contributor) and I'm hooked. So many fun things (why didn't I take this seriously I'll never know!) So a few things, animal humor at its' finest. Too bad I didn't catch on to the pinning thing right away because I have no idea where the pics were to go back. But tomorrow's another day. But just for fun...

Yeah, it's in the air and I have lots of Valentine ideas and need to get down with it.
Tomorrow a date with my husband (spelunking) actually thrifting. I adore it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Gift

Sometimes it all clicks in place. You realize what your talent, your gift is and everything you've done before has brought you to the place you are now. I had my A-ha! moment the other night. And aside from writing about baseball (the world's greatest job) I will re-learn to write. Sit down and let the ideas flow. Is it like riding a bike? Do you forget how to write? I've been suppressing ideas for a few years now, not giving in to the desire to write. It wasn't until I sent my sister her new Calendar (2.5 pounds) and came up with a new idea for this year. I'm rambling, I have people coming in and out talking to me ( so much for private time, Huh? Ah, the life of a Mom)
And I'm still mad at my sister for not acknowledging my calendar, my opus, my grand epic. Tell me you love it!!!! Okay, a little obsessive. And now I really gotta go. Biggest Loser is on.

OMG He's Gone!!!

Cody Ross, my fave baseball player, has left my fave team (San Francisco Giants) to go to my least favorite team (Boston Red Sox). You'll always have my heart, Cody-man! Good luck. I'll still be watching you, how could I not?

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Culinary Journey

I have finished my sister's calendar of fun days for 2012. I hope she enjoys it. I always have fun putting this thing together. I may have gone a little above board on this one-it's 3 inches thick. I was going to take snaps of it, but I just needed to get it in the mail, seeing as how I am already into the New Year.
So, for next year (yes always planning ahead) I am planning a sort of calendar/recipe book. But feauring not only fun food holidays and celebrations, but also food in literature (we are both English majors; I love children's lit and she, well everything else). The inspiration comes from a short blip I found for Laura Ingalls Wilder Day and I found a recipe for lemonade that Mrs. Olsen was making for the girls. In doing just a teeny amount of research, I have already found some wonderful blogs that I will share with you also. I may have to practive and lay it all out here to get organized, although I do love a good calendar to do my jottings in. (yesm I know, preposition at the end of a sentence)
Please join me at this fun Tasty Days blog. And I found this one also with literary references http://yummy-books.com/. This will be a lot of fun this year.
And maybe this is my year to get an updated blogface. I still hate this!