Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So misunderstood

Mother's Day is finally over and I'm just now writing about it.
Mother's Day to me has never been a big deal. I know for my own mother, we had a huge day, with a big sheet cake (8 siblings, plus whoever happened to stop by). We made Mom her favorite meal, catered to her until I think she went a little batty because all eight of us were wanting attention. (Can you image the attention the Dugar Mom gets???) Anyway, this year, my husband asked what I wanted. Not to be shy, I handed him the list-literally! Don't get me wrong, but after a few of these, you can't leave the gifts to chance. (Remember the episode of Malcolm In the Middle when they give her a gigantic bottle of perfume and she tries some on and says, "You can tell it's the good stuff because it stings." as she fans her neck. So no, I do not allow chance presents. Actually I think it relieves the pressure off the kids, too, because they know they're giving me something I want and I don't have to fake smile all day. Think of it as the Ralphie bunny suit costume. No one wants to have their picture taken in the bunny suit.
I did have to stop my husband at one thing though his intentions were good. He said, "Wouldn't you like breakfast in bed? Eggs, easy up (or over whatever I don't eat eggs) with thick slices of bacon (you mean, the breakfast meat I peel all the fat off before consuming?) and some frensh toast (again with the eggs) with powdered sugar on top."
"You know, hon, I said, that's sounds more like you're favorite breakfast" and I made a mental note for Father's Day. Gotta remember these things kids! I did say, "You know, a donut and a cup of tea would be nice."
I don't think he ever heard that. Just like he hasn't heard it for the last 22 years. All I've ever asked for, as breakfast, is a donut and tea. Every Mother's Day. Every YEAR! DO YOU THINK I HAVE GOTTEN ONE LOUSY DONUT??? Huh?
So this is why mom's sneak out of the house for that rare errand that has to be done immediately or the group whatchamacallit will not go on tomorrow and I need to buy it now!
And every year, you will find Mom's all over the world enjoying their own version of Mother's Day-at Starbuck's. CircleK, Quick Mart, Dunkin' Donuts...you get the picture. We just want a little time to ourselves. Yeah.
Happy Mother's Day to you all. Hope you get what you want next year!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fighting (baseball) depression

So what does one do when their favorite team has an off day? Aside from moping, and taking great joy in another team in the same division losing, uh, we wait. And it's not pleasant. The day drags on. You think, ugh, I can't even watch a game after work. Or, you can shamelessly promote your pinterest board devotes to your favorite team, ahem, San Francisco Giants. Looking through pinned photos always brings a smile to your face. Logging into the team's website to look for more photos to pin. Look through your favorite tumblr posts for more photos and see what all the other fans out there are doing (bored, just like you). Log into MLB and watch yesterday's game again. (I might just do this, I so need my fix). Or post team photos here to show everyone your total devotion to the team. Like this:

Yeah, I'm pretty shameless when it comes to my boys. I can't wait for tomorrow's game!
Batter up-till next time.