Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where the heck did March go?

Okay we're in April. Lots of stuff going on. But I am procrastinating as usual. My new motto, never do today what I can totally put off to tomorrow. Besides, I work better under pressure. Yeah and the chest pains don't interfere with my lifestyle at all.
So, happy because it's not totally hot here yet and seems to be cooling to the 60's by the weekend. Refreshing. Happy because cat has finally stopped meowing because I got her fixed. Sleep, joyous sleep. Ah yes, I named an all-mouse orchestra. Crazy I know but I love this site and I just had to. Catch her here. The Bloggess. Quite possibly the funniest woman I have read in a while. Enjoy.
And, I have so many craft thingys coming up, another reason to procrastinate. I'm creating in my head-it's a dangerous place in there. Sometimes in comes out in craft form and then I send it to unsuspecting people in a swap, which I totally love right now. The fun swaps, where you get stuff in the mail. Geez, I love mail. Anyway, ATC's abound, working on paper dolls right now, great link for that. Monster paper dolls.
She has some fun shit on this page and I'm buying all of it. Next thing you know I'll be playing with colorforms again. Which I think these popular crafters use but have renamed them 'vinyl cutouts'. Yeah, it's a colorform.
Ok I bought a camera my husband forced me to buy a camera. He started saying Blah blah blah my eyes rolled in back of my head and I think I almost, almost fainted from the tech lingo, but as it turns out, all I have to do is point and shoot. I did tell him to leave me alone and let me figure out the software to download on this wonderful laptop. Bad choice. But now I can't go back to him because I'll get the  'You should have let me do this when we brought it home, la blah, la blah blah" lecture. Okay okay I get it. So I'll read the instructions, how hard could it be? So maybe photos of stupid boxer dog acting like a cat will be on the next post.
I don't know why I wait so long between posts. I love this. Oh yeah, the horrid layout. Even I can't stand it. Something else tech driven I need to read up on. I feel like Willy Wonka giving Violet the gum, 'It always goes wrong with the blueberries. Always."
Cheer up Charlie, things are looking up already. I mean, how many times can you say you've named an orchestra of taxidermy mice?