Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Kind of Pumpkin

From Alisa Burke. This is a must see everyone! These are the most beautifully decorated pumpkins ever and the tutorial is right here. Please take a look and try them for yourself. I guarantee, one won't be enough.
And here's few photos from her page to get you inspired.

Inspired yet?
Now you know you have to try it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

I was 'spelunking' as I call it, Thrift Store browsing, and I came across this fabulous Halloween box. As if that wasn't fun enough, inside were fantiastical sprays with little pumpkin faces at the end of the sprays. I put it into some floral foam in a pumpkin container and now have it displayed with the Halloween stuff in my work room, a.k.a. the place where everyone comes to talk to Mom!
Either way, it was a great find for me (only $1.50) and a great addition to Halloween!

Yes, you can see the floral foam from this picture. I'll have to cover it up.

Goodie Bags, or My Sister is So Fabulous...

My sister sent these adorable goodie bags for me to give out at a Kids Workshop event that I have planned. I love them. She doesn't understand why I am making such a fuss, but these are just fabu-tastic! I am posting more photos off these just to show them off-I love them that much. Thanks Sis, you're the best!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Giveaway at Gussy Sews

This is a fabulous giveaway. Head on over to Gussy Sews and look at all the beautiful things she has for sale. She will even give you a 15% off coupon for signing up for her newsletter. And she was at The Creative Connection Event and has lots to share about that. So take a look and spend some time with Gussy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Candy Pumpkin Bracelets

I made these bracelets over the weekend while watching the Giants play and they were a HUGE hit! Gigantic.  I have to make more and more. At least a million.  Thank you Brown Paper Packages for this great idea. I used green spider web  ribbon on the ones I gave away  and today went out and bought some beautiful purple ribbon to try again-however, her polka dot ribbon looks fab!

For Halloween handouts I will do the Halloween shoes (as seen in Skip to My Lou ). Another fabulous idea.

 And I will stuff them with some of my (famous) chocolate covered twizzlers.
I know, I know everyone (sic) is saying where are your photos? But hey, no one's reading this anyway, so I have a grace period on that. Anyway, check on the links if you haven't already-great stuff out there.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Monsoons

I spent the afternoon pulling old Mod Podge out of a really good paint brush. Kind of rubber cementy-boogery but not too bad. I think I can salvage the brush. Live and learn. But the brush did leave some interesting texture on a wooden pumpkin I was painting. So, I think I'll leave it and decoreate around the swirls. Watching another end of the season downpour. Thunder overhead, rain, and POPCORN! My absolute favorite food in the entire world. I could eat it all day long. Wait, I do eat it all day long. Crafting, popcorn and a rainstorm, how better could life be? Makes going back to work tonite less painful.

I am making a tree circle anniversary gift for my husband to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. I saw it on another page somewhere and when I locate it I will give credit where credit is due because it's a fabulous idea. He is an outdoorsy type  so tree rings is a great way to count how much I love him. WIll post when I finish.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monsoon Season Is In Full Swing

Love the rain-should really live somewhere other than the desert. But when we have these marvelous storms, with thunder and lightning and this downfall-it lifts my spirit. The smell is sagey and clean, you can even smell the witch hazel in the air. So I guess the desert is not so bad after all.
My Giants are doing great tonite. It's not the season they were hoping for, but considering what the team went through with all the injuries, I think they did fabulously. Of course, all they have to do is show up and they're fab!
Lots of reading blogs. I wonder why I can't do what I see on these pages, and then I think of all the marvelous things I have done and I feel better. Maybe if I just published a little on my own blog-duh! Anyway, Halloween is right around the corner. Went to Michael's today, looked and touched everything. Haven't been in a while, I'm a Jo Ann's girl, but got lots of ideas, and decided to pull out my Halloween decor first before I start spending a fortune on stuff I already have. This weekend when I have time off work I will relax and look at my goodies and make a wreath for the door and some ornaments for my Halloween tree.
My sister is hard at work at a craft=I'll check in with her too and update her progress.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Off

I have done nothing with my days off except reading other blogs and becoming insanely jealous of them. Where do you ladies find the time to write you blog and how ae they so creative and beautiful. It goes to the ld adage, everyone has a special gift.... Oh well, looking forward to Halloween. Treat bags, candy, . I hope it rains today. Something to break up this never ending heat. You know how they talk about the winter blues, believe me, there is a thing as too much sun!