Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Monsoons

I spent the afternoon pulling old Mod Podge out of a really good paint brush. Kind of rubber cementy-boogery but not too bad. I think I can salvage the brush. Live and learn. But the brush did leave some interesting texture on a wooden pumpkin I was painting. So, I think I'll leave it and decoreate around the swirls. Watching another end of the season downpour. Thunder overhead, rain, and POPCORN! My absolute favorite food in the entire world. I could eat it all day long. Wait, I do eat it all day long. Crafting, popcorn and a rainstorm, how better could life be? Makes going back to work tonite less painful.

I am making a tree circle anniversary gift for my husband to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. I saw it on another page somewhere and when I locate it I will give credit where credit is due because it's a fabulous idea. He is an outdoorsy type  so tree rings is a great way to count how much I love him. WIll post when I finish.

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