Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monsoon Season Is In Full Swing

Love the rain-should really live somewhere other than the desert. But when we have these marvelous storms, with thunder and lightning and this downfall-it lifts my spirit. The smell is sagey and clean, you can even smell the witch hazel in the air. So I guess the desert is not so bad after all.
My Giants are doing great tonite. It's not the season they were hoping for, but considering what the team went through with all the injuries, I think they did fabulously. Of course, all they have to do is show up and they're fab!
Lots of reading blogs. I wonder why I can't do what I see on these pages, and then I think of all the marvelous things I have done and I feel better. Maybe if I just published a little on my own blog-duh! Anyway, Halloween is right around the corner. Went to Michael's today, looked and touched everything. Haven't been in a while, I'm a Jo Ann's girl, but got lots of ideas, and decided to pull out my Halloween decor first before I start spending a fortune on stuff I already have. This weekend when I have time off work I will relax and look at my goodies and make a wreath for the door and some ornaments for my Halloween tree.
My sister is hard at work at a craft=I'll check in with her too and update her progress.

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