Monday, May 13, 2013

Fighting (baseball) depression

So what does one do when their favorite team has an off day? Aside from moping, and taking great joy in another team in the same division losing, uh, we wait. And it's not pleasant. The day drags on. You think, ugh, I can't even watch a game after work. Or, you can shamelessly promote your pinterest board devotes to your favorite team, ahem, San Francisco Giants. Looking through pinned photos always brings a smile to your face. Logging into the team's website to look for more photos to pin. Look through your favorite tumblr posts for more photos and see what all the other fans out there are doing (bored, just like you). Log into MLB and watch yesterday's game again. (I might just do this, I so need my fix). Or post team photos here to show everyone your total devotion to the team. Like this:

Yeah, I'm pretty shameless when it comes to my boys. I can't wait for tomorrow's game!
Batter up-till next time.

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