Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Gift

Sometimes it all clicks in place. You realize what your talent, your gift is and everything you've done before has brought you to the place you are now. I had my A-ha! moment the other night. And aside from writing about baseball (the world's greatest job) I will re-learn to write. Sit down and let the ideas flow. Is it like riding a bike? Do you forget how to write? I've been suppressing ideas for a few years now, not giving in to the desire to write. It wasn't until I sent my sister her new Calendar (2.5 pounds) and came up with a new idea for this year. I'm rambling, I have people coming in and out talking to me ( so much for private time, Huh? Ah, the life of a Mom)
And I'm still mad at my sister for not acknowledging my calendar, my opus, my grand epic. Tell me you love it!!!! Okay, a little obsessive. And now I really gotta go. Biggest Loser is on.

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