Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just when things were going so well...

We have a problem, my husband and I. The problem is baseball. While we both love it, well, he loves the Yankees and I the SF Giants, I am more open, say, to baseball as a whole. I love the game. There I said it.  Our problem started with this latest series between the Diamondbacks and the Yankees in NY. I am not, repeat not, a DBacks fan-never will be. However, there is a certain player who I am, say, enamored with, ahem, Cody Ross. It seems Cody played excellently this series and I can vouch for this because I watched the entire series on TV. This infatuation I have with him  may have something to do with the fact that Cody used to be a Giant. Enough said. He got picked up by other teams I don't really care about, although I did follow his career with every team. OK stalker quality? Not yet!
Here's what happened during the series. Cody started hitting. Easy. Then he caught everything that came to him, around him, in the vicinity of and basically pissed off my husband and his beloved Yankees. To say by the end of the series (tonite, thank God, there is mercy) Cody had a new middle name! And it's not Joseph.
Easy, easy, I said to my husband. Let's not be rash (like I really talk like that, ha!). He, of course, said right back, don't tell me what to do (google translate into man language).
Well, the Dbacks are on their way to Colorado (get ready to freeze boys. Like it wasn't 28 degrees in NY tonite, snort). The Yankees head for Toronto. Yikes, talk about cold.  My Giants are home, thankfully, Milwaukee was a miserable series.
My son posed a very serious question to me during our yelling and screaming  family time. He said, "What happens when the Giants play the Dbacks and Cody Ross faces Tim Lincecum. Who do you cheer for?" Like any politician, I smiled, and said, (Seriously, I was saying to myself, who asks those kinds of questions to their MOM? He knows how I feel about both subjects of that sentence. How can he even ask me to pledge loyalty to one over the other? Has he lost his mind??) "Dude, I would just hope that each player does their best."
And walked away. Like all Mom's should...

Postscript: I need to write about Francisco Cervelli of the Yankees. He is definitely someone that baseball fans need to watch. So I will put in my two cents worth next time.

Night y'all. Happy baseball dreams!

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