Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 2 On Being Fat

OK so I plagiarized Stephen King's title of his fabulous book On Writing. It's his own fault, if it weren't such a great book I wouldn't have to steal things from it!
Day 2 and the food issues continue. I had my tea in the morning and was good until I got to the training room at work and there was a bucket of Nancy's cookies. Now this woman, out of the kindness of her heart, makes cookies every Monday so that we may indulge our sweet tooth. Absolutely fabulous, every stinkin' one. As I spied those cookies this morning I was so tempted to open the lid and just graze right from the bowl, I was, after all, the only one in the room. However, I did not. I went back to my desk and drank my mango ice tea. For lunch I had pasta salad and half a bagel with cream cheese. (Remember the story about me not liking bread? Bagels don't count!) AH, I did stop for a soda at lunch (I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and was parched, for cying out loud). On the way home from work, I ate the fruit I brought. The strawberries were so-so but the kiwi fanatstic.
Now, dinner is always a stretch, and since I brought my son shopping after work, it was a scrounging act when we got home. The lesson here: PLAN AHEAD YOU MORON. Because I didn't, I ate (and this was just while I was looking for something to eat) half a Hershey bar, 3 almond cookies, lemonade. Then I found the leftover chicken and made some pasta to go with it. Yeah, pretty crappy eating day.
The good side is, tomorrow I can start again. The bad side, my stomach is growling and I hear the sounds of a box of raisin bran pouring into a bowl. All I can say is there better be some milk left!

Good bye lovelies-see you all tomorrow.

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