Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sugar Free (Again)

Hey guess what? My birthday's coming up and I want to be healthy, look totally hot, and feel good, too. So I'm giving up sugar and sugar related products. Of course, I've  done this before, the last time was for 2 months. I felt really goodd, I lost a few pounds, clothes were looser and my blood pressure went down, not to mention the lack of heartburn for two months. Then I had a really bad day and went to McDonald's for lunch. Believe me when I tell you that the last place you want to eat when giving up sugar is McDonald's-read the nutrition label.
So anyway, today is day 1. And I started out with tea and sugar free creamer. Perfect. Then I moved on to my son's Hostess brumb cake! Super. I had an event to go to and packed some sugar free sports drink. Didn't eat all day. AND IT WAS FRICKIN' HOT!!! So much for the beautful fall weather WE ARE NOT HAVING. So I finally went to eat lunch and had a Pepsi, yeah, regular, And a refill. Then I came home and ate some candy corn I used for a raffle. Another plus.
Needless to say, I am not feeling so hot right now, meaning, totally gross! And my son wants to know what's for dinner. I say, "Whatever you're makin', dude". Yeah, that went over well. I try to get them to feed themselves, I really try. And they see me here and it's  Mom this and Mom that. Hey, I didn't sign up for the emal plan. There's no menu to choose from. So if you're hungry I suggest that nice grilled cheese calling to you, or quesadilla, or PPJ, or ramen, that's why I buy this stuff!

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