Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Me First

I've decided that I am going to attend a retreat next year. I bought Migle magazine because of all the lovely stories about women getting away and relaxing, sharing, all that girly stuff I never do. I don't know how I am going to pay for it because I just don't make the kind of money to have any extras. But I am putting it out there and praying that I can somehow come up with the funds to do something like this. It would be the GREATEST GIFT TO MYSELF EVER!   Or shall I say only gift to myself. Example: When people give me gift cards as gifts, I always use them to purchase for other people or just give them away. Example: When we have any extra money (I'm talking in the tens of dollars) I help people at work or give it to my kids for lunch/snacks after school, etc etc etc.
I really want to take a trip and I want it to be for me. Sleeping in, or staying up late without anyone needing anything from me. I may delete all this because I am already feeling the guilt for saying this OUT LOUD!  You know the saying, "If one women told the truth about herself, the world would explode."
Tru DAT!

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