Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jiggly Butt

I'm linking to The Blue Zoo because she's funny and her blog '5 Tips To A Healthier You' just makes sense. I keep looking for that miracle pill, potion, water, mix-in, add-on (add-on?), you name it. Finally, someone with an ounce of sense who just makes sense. Yeah, be honest with yourself, totally watch portion sizes. I have a tendency freakish obsession   to make myself believe that I am doing OK on any given day and yet I know that I am lying to myself because why else would I have just pulled through McD's? Unless we're talking sugar coma, NOT, then I made that choice myself. You know, aside from feeling dreadfully ill after lunch, I realized that the people there at McD's are not even nice. So I can get sick and get treated like crap? Hoo Yeah, count me in again tomorrow.
So my lesson today is to be nice to myself. Take the extra time in the morning to actually plan food that will make me feel healthy. No extremes, no macrobiotic, unless I think that is the answer. (But truthfully, I just ate junk food-there's a big separation from fast food to macro!)
1) Be nice to myself, for one day, just try it.
2) Read portions on food and measure out ONE portion.
3) Look at what I'm eating (how very zen of me, I know, but I read during lunch and don't look up until I realize there is an empty fork going into my mouth!)
4) Be grateful for bloggers like Stephanie @ The Blue Zoo who make it real
5)It's called "setting myself free of the chub",

I copied this from Life Or Something Like It. Read it-you'll laugh and know you are not alone!
Love to All***

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