Saturday, October 1, 2011

30 Days of Appreciation

My company recognizes this one department once every year to show their appreciation for their hard work all year long. I am involved with this because I can't keep my big mouth shut and offered some suggestions to help appreciate these associates for the month of October. So day one, I was not involved and I wasn't at work, at least for regular work ( I was involved in another project today).  But I do have some craftsy things coming up for the month which I will share. It also made me think that, although these people are being appreciated for the month and that's fabulous, I also think we should show a little bit more kindness to everyone all year long. Is that so hard? And it doesn't cost anything. So I will do my part and tell people at work, and family how much I appreciate them every day-and not wait an entire year to say it!

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