Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little artwork now and then in relished by the wisest men.

OK so I plagiarized. I've been very busy lately, signing up for swaps left and right. Can I help myself? No, there is too much fabulousness out there. So here are a few more pieces and one old one from a fun turtle swap. We had to send three things turtle related to our partner. This is one of the three, I just packaged it as a trio of filled turtle eggs.
I found these turtle Easter eggs, packed them in a wooden crate with some easter grass and filled them with goodies.

Close up of swimming turtles, ready to be shipped.

Steampunk ATC with black accents and black heart

Altered ROLO's with D 4 and purple. The D & 4 are very subtle on these. The top ROLO with the flowers I used part of a book page with the number 4 in the corner, and scrolled letter D as part of a book plate. The second one is a camping scene complete with mosquito. I used an atlas page showing the D4 coordinates.

Halloween ATC, with raven and mirror piece

Another Halloween ATC, lots of layers and paint, screening in background.

More on the way. See you soon!

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