Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boring Drive

I ate a bag of candy corn today. I'm not proud of it. I'm feeling a little sick actually, to my stomach, but that could be the burrito I ate on top of that. Not feeling bad about the price though, only paid .99 cents. It is a FACT (Brian WIlson reference) that cheap candy corn tastes exactly the same as the more expensive brand, and it's much fresher. I didn't break one tooth today. I find the expensive brand not as melty in the mouth. Today was unique, as I was driving and didn't realize I had emptied the bag until I tried to shake more out of it. Nothing more pathetic, folks, than realizing you just downed 10,000 calories and you're still thinking what's for dinner. Blast that candy corn!
To make matters worse, this stupid holiday falls on October 30, my birthday! It's destiny I tell ya.
So, other interesting things: The .99 cents store has the most fabulous Halloween crap I've seen in a long time. Not to be outdone by the Dollar Tree, who is no slouch this year. I spoke to the manager of the Dollar Tree who told me this year they purchased so much more Halloween decorations and novelties. It shows, if you've been in there lately. Here's a few of the things I got (besides the lifetime supply of candy corn HA!)

Cute little bobblehead owl

scary cameo necklace

These little guys will be part of a Halloween plush photo swap, cute and cheap at the thrift store.

It was a bargain bonanza day. And so much fun being around all that Halloween stuff. Really, we should just have this stuff all year round, agreed?

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