Friday, October 12, 2012

When you think haunted house, do you imagine skeletons hanging from windows? Is it more paranormal? Is it dark and spooky? What constitutes haunted? I like to think haunted is an old victorian with so many nooks and crannies in the house that can house all sorts of spooky and ghostly. I know women who have spirits or ghosts in their homes. Mostly, they are mischievious, moving things or stacking. One woman's ghost has a thing for the firewood in the fireplace. Well, it can't be there. So every day while she is at work, the firewood gets neatly stacked in the middle of the room. You gotta ask-did something happen in the fireplace? Or, is the spirit used to a much larger, walk-in type fireplace. I'm sure my friend isn't that accomodating that she will light her living room on fire. But fun, nevertheless. I myself feel presences. Something walking behind me, sometimes lightly touching my shoulder. It's a real touch, but never anyone around to see. I don't get afraid when these things happen. I'm sure some form of communication is happening and in time I will figure out exactly what it is. I know things get moved, not obviously, but it happens. Maybe, not moved, like from one side to another, but in a different order than what I had. I don't really want to know why these things happen. I enjoy knowing that something likes being around me. Maybe I'm a comfort to a spirit. So, I say, enjoy the company. And leave a chair empty for them-crafting is fun for everyone.

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