Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baseball Is Over-For Some!

Yes, I love Cody Ross. Always and forever. Although he is playing on my least favorite team, I cannot but say to myself that he needs a job, too. I forgive him. How could I not?
Boston uniform

I haven't written about Cody in a while because I am knee deep in the SF Giants post season activity. Watching the Giants, however, reminds me of the little skip Cody does after hitting a home run, and that makes me smile. I need to smile after tonite's game!
I wish Cody well. I hope he enjoys the off season and I look forward to seeing him in the Spring. If anyone wishes to become a Cody Ross fan, please enjoy his website Cody Ross. I hope it updates more during the break. Reading about the 2012 season is good too.

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