Friday, June 1, 2012

Los Gigantes

I am watching my SF Giants right now. It is Orange shirt Friday which I love. I should be doing some stufff for work tomorrow but I just don't want to. So, yes, I'll do it in the am. whatever. I am so done with work this week.
My Giants are winning 4-0 and Bum was on his way to pitching a complete game until Bochy just yanked him. The Giants are awesomeness and make me smile.
If you're a fan and do not already know about the Brandon & Brandon blog, check it out here. I love these guys, Geez, am I getting redundant. You know, I should just write a Giants blog and steal photos from the internet to post. I cannot say enough about them. Some people photo blog, I love to write about them, Anyway, here's the link to B&B:Brandon & Brandon You see, Bochy pulled Madbum and Casilla gives up a home run and now there is only a one run lead. WTF?
In other baseball news, J Santana pitched the first ever in Mets history no-hitter. HUGE! Love this kind of baseball. I see it in the Giants future...
2 more outs to go then I can pack it in. Timmy is hooded up again.  Who is he hiding from? Well, it could be freezing it SF, you know how the weather gets in summer. I think I should weat a name tag that says, Hi, I'm a Giants fan. Hey Bochy this torture has gone on long enough, He just gave up a double with one out. Dude, pull him and save this game for Bum!
Tumblr is a great sourcce for Ginats pics. Broken bat single. He sucks! 2 on 1 out. 9th inning. Let's go guys.
OK Javi is in. 2nd out. Runners on 2 & 3. We can do this! The crowd is up. Strike one. Javi throws, flies out to Pagan. Los Gigantos win and victory bump/shirts out by the trio.
4-3 Giants over Cubs. Bum wins.
Yeah. See you tomorrow,

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