Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Ultimate Diet

Tomorrow I am starting a fabulous new diet. It is top secret, used only under a doctor's care and I am unable to tell you what it is. However, if it works, and you're supposed to follow it for 6 weeks at a time, then I will share bits and pieces. In the meantime, I'm looking at stuff like this:

And this

And so much more fresh fresh food. This is stuff I've thought about. You know how your body craves this stuff, but you ignore it? So now I'm listening, gently listening to what my mind is telling me my body wants. I'm NOT going to beat myself up for things I have done in the past, even yesterday. Because I am learning to love myself, and these choices I made were just that-choices. How I dealt with them is why I am in need of a revamp. It is a welcome change, not something I am stressing over because I've been bad. Geez, I hate that. There's no bad, don't beat yourself up for it. You did it. Now get on with the next step. And love yourself. You first. Try it. You'll ask yourself, why not?
Pick your inspiration.
or this  or this
It's your motivation, your muse if your an artist, your soul-fulness if your spiritual. It is your anything.
And it is where your heart and mind meet and say, AHH, now I know.
But go gently. Don't scare yourself. This is you, your life. And you are worth taking the time for.

Next: Why bathing suits never fit.

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  1. New follower...and looking forward to seeing your new diet and the "new" you! Thanks for visiting my blog today!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ