Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time Management

I haven't posted anything that I've done in a long while. And going through my camera I found some ATC's that I made and swapped and I thought I would post. I'm a little leery about this, kind of bragging isn't it? Well, just putting it out there, either way.

Supernatural ATC-Castiel Swap
 This is an ATC I did for a Supernatural series swap. I need to work on my photos, but this is a Castiel character ATC, an angel, who in his true form is larger than the Chrysler building.
I added those elements, made a "tattoo" with wings and the word Angel in script and added the caption, moveable by grommet.

Frida Kahlo ATC
This one is a Frida Kahlo ATC that I swapped. I didn't know much about her before I joined the swap but learned quite a bit, even that I missed a art exhibit here in town of her work. I would have enjoyed seeing this now that I know more about her. Very colorful and vivid artwork she did. It was a great learning experience. 
Halloween with pumpkin ATC
This last one I will show is a Halloween (my fav) ATC. The orange in the background is fishing lure chenille that I got at the sporting goods store on sale for .88. Fun to work with and doesn't get 'furry'. Unlike this distraction:
Here stands Brrr. Her real name not important, since the only sound she makes is Brrr. But she is everywhere I am and constantly on the lookout for the other one following me:

Yes, Roxy the boxer on a pink rug (came with the house, Help! I need a makeover!)
So important points. Always photograph your work. One it helps show a progression in style, maturity, and you can look back on it and be glad that you can erase the images from the digi!
Second, don't be ashamed of your work. Someone once told me that no matter what, that was where I was at that particular time in my life. It wasn't wasted-it just brought me to the next point.. Thank you John for that advice.
So lovelies, I am signing off for now and wishing you creative thoughts.

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