Sunday, June 3, 2012

Swap Bot

Well, here's my rant for the day.
I love Swap Bot and I'm very happy I joined. I have an outlet for my creative side and I get to share with others and also get to see their work. I will not criticize anyone's work and I am grateful for everything I receive in the mail, all the extras and stuff. I rate as soon as I receive something because that, to me, is part of the swap. Unfortunately, there are some people that, either do not think this is important to the other person, or they are selfish and choose not to rate, or what? I cannot think of a valid excuse for not rating someone's work. So for those people who do not rate, I have chosen not to swap with them any longer. And I hope someday they realizr the importance of the entire swap. And the people on the other end who want to know, we just want to know.
OK that's over. THE GIANTS WON!!!! And Zito pitched a fabulous game with huge support from Melky, Pagan, huge defensive plays by Crawford, and the entire team. Great job, guys!
Love you lots!

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