Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Page 3, Sundance catalog

I received the Sundance catalog today, opened the cover, and there on page 3 is my new coat. It's called the 'Boulevard Peacoat', a retro 50's plaid with an urban vibe' and I love it. It's also $198.00 so I won't be buying it. But a girl can dream, can't she?
My sister and I, when we were much younger, would sit together with a catalog and pencil or marker and
'pick' something from each page that we really wanted. We were dreamers. We never went so far as to strategically place the catalog inside one of my Mom's magazines, a la Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Picking seemed to be enough to carry our dreams of ownership  until the next catalog came in the mail. We weren't particular about our catalogs. We would continue the routine with furniture catalogs, clothing, jewelry, toys, etc. There was nothing that we wouldn't dream for.
The funny thing is, we never longed for any of these items. We never coveted the insides of these glossy publications. I think it made us dreamers and thinkers. Possibly good shoppers; we could tell you the price of anything and how it compared to any retail store at the time.
Our dreams weren't big, but they were plentiful. We dreamed of someday having a house to put these things to good use. We dreamed of different floor plans for those houses. We dreamed about what we would wear and what would look better on me or her (geez, she's so much thinner, everything looked better on her!)
The new Sundance catalog brought back a lot of memories, not to mention my deep love of all things plaid!
Maybe I'll never get that coat (I live in the desert, not a chance of it getting below 90 degrees anyway), but I know it would fit me perfectly and would cool with a faded pair of jeans. The catalog I'll keep for a while. Maybe I'll forward it to my sister with a post-it: 'See page 3!'

And dream...

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