Friday, November 4, 2011


I am not losing weight although I kid myself that I am doing everything in my power. I blame my thyroid, for which I am taking medication, I blame stress at work, and I can blame a million other things. What I do not take credit for is that I am completely OKAY just being myself. There is nothing wrong with me, nothing that losing weight is going to cure. I am still the same person, with the same creative ideas. And I get that, I do. However, once I start being my creative self I start to doubt because I am not like the other bloggers whose lives seem perfect. Really, can anyone be that successful, that sweet, have the perfect husband, the perfect children, lives blah blah blah. Who are these Stepford crafters? And do I really want to be one of them? I think I do, then catch myself and realize I am not a Stepford crafter. I am my own uniquely, wonderful person/crafter/funny/blogger who just loves to do what I can to make someone smile. You know what I received the other day? A hand drawing and photo of three lovely children who were thanking me for some Halloween goodie bags I made for them. What better reward is that?
And that goes down as gift #3 for the day.
Read it-I was a non-believer , wait, I am a non-believer, a once upon a time believer who seems to want to grapple with the magic of miracles in my everyday life. And while I am not ready for the head first plunge I do appreciate the fact that a total stranger will share her everyday life with the world and let us see that there truly is good and beauty in all this messed up daily life. So go on over to One Thousand Gifts. I'm not even going to Link it-take the time and find it on your own. You will see changes in your life that will amaze.
Oh, and I really need to change my blog background. This is hideous!

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